Life on purpose

Welcome to my first blog. In this series, I want to share information and coaching to support families in working. I intend to come to this from a variety of angles, addressing comments to different members of the family and to the family as a whole. I’ve found that the best way to cause workability is to focus on the individual first, and to support them in being at the top of their game, then look at their interactions within the family.

When we are at odds with ourselves, it is a barrier to participating in and maintaining healthy, effective relationships. To feel bad about ourselves, to not know how to raise personal esteem and self love, is to engage in life as partial people. If we don’t know how to create our personal best and access it, we only bring a diminished version of us into our interactions with others.

When we learn how operate at high levels of self love, we transition from reactive to proactive. We get to create lives we love and that inspire us. We get to make peace with our past, and then get on with the proper business of life. We get to stow our emotional baggage. We learn to view life through lenses of love. More importantly, we acquire the ability to see ourselves with love and kindness, acceptance and gentleness.

And then get on with looking after the world!

The recipe for a happy family calls for happy family members. And lasting happiness can be created for the individual when they create for themselves a powerful context from which to generate their actions. One such context is their purpose in life.

Some say that you must discover your purpose in life. The problem with that is that years can be spent devoid of a clear purpose, and I’ve seen people flummoxed and dismayed, as the years roll by, because no such “true purpose” seems to have manifested itself. I say that you must create your purpose -- a short statement of a game in life, one sentence, general in nature. Out of that actions to fulfill on the purpose are generated, and out of a series of enlightened actions the individual will discover how they want to make their mark and with, and on, whom.

I will have more to say on the topic of one’s purpose in life in later blogs, but for now know that a purpose can be created in minutes, and even if refinements are made to it later, it provides a quick and easy start to a lifelong journey of contribution and fulfillment.

At the same time, work can be undertaken to move up the self-love scale, ultimately to 10 out of 10. Self love and a powerful purpose in life go hand in hand, each strengthening and enhancing the other, and allowing the process to be easy and richly rewarding.

Over time I will reveal my blueprint for a system of creating a life full of self love and fulfillment, and will list the many rewards of living life on purpose.

Stay tuned, and thank you for your time and attention!


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