Acknowledgment: Currency of Love

A simple and quick way to increase the flow of love in your world is through acknowledgment. It becomes a currency, if you’ll pardon the comparison to money. What our love economy needs in order to thrive is the frequent passing around of love. It needs us to conduct love through ourselves and on to others. When we and others become love misers, if we try to hoard love, we don’t end up with more. We, and everybody, end up with less. When I coach someone to help them increase the amount of love in their life, including, and especially, their love for themselves, I have them kickstart the process by acknowledging people in their lives. I recommend that they deliver 3 quick acknowledgments to prime the pump, as it were. They can use social media, or leave a voicemail, or a handwritten note. What is important is that these early attempts get delivered quickly. It is good to establish a habit of acknowledgment. Set up a reminder to do the 3 daily acknowledgments, and of course more is desirable. It may take a while to establish the habit, but over time you will notice yourself spotting opportunities to deliver heartwarming messages that before would have passed unnoticed. In the early going, it might seem difficult to find things to acknowledge, or you might feel awkward. Consider that each person is a goldmine of personal greatness, and if notable aspects of worthiness are hard to spot, you may need to dial up the magnifying power of your attention. With training, you will become adept at digging below the surface to choose from an array of wonderful characteristics. In my earlier blog post about Conduits and Dams I spoke about the things that reduce our effectiveness at being love conduits. These are also the things that diminish our ability to see greatness in others, and hence to find things to acknowledge. Raise your level of self love, and you will see love and greatness all around you. Immerse yourself in complaints and annoyance, and you will be blinded to these things. If you notice yourself feeling awkward in acknowledging others, have a look at why that would be. There was a time when I believed that few people would care about my expressions of love and connection, and that belief stilled my tongue on many an occasion. I transformed that to my current belief that when I open my mouth, I cause love to be present, I cause connection, I make the world a more loving place. Suffice it to say this latter creed works better. People can have a variety of beliefs that get in the way of delivering acknowledgment. While it may be beneficial to get to the root of those beliefs, I encourage such people to begin acknowledging, and developing that muscle. The why’s and wherefores can come later and the root causes of limiting belief may wither up and disappear on their own, merely on the strength of developing a robust habit of seeing and commenting on the greatness in others. It is important when acknowledging, and developing it as a habit, to give up hearing any particular response back. Consider it a love message in a bottle cast upon the waters. Whether you know of the results of that and other messages or not, know that love has been broadcast, and we need not know the ultimate reaches of that expression. Indeed, we may never, or can ever, know. It can be surprising, even amazing, to see the results of acknowledgment. There are the effects that show up in the people we acknowledge, but there can be profound changes in us when we adopt the habit. I have more, much more, to say on this topic, but that will be for another blog! Start your acknowledging engines now!

Thank you for reading!


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