" Ross equipped me with the tools to learn to love myself, to powerfully erase self doubt . . . "


Wow! Ross has made such a difference in my life.  People would normally see me as professional, well put together and an expert in my field.  That's what I wanted them to see.  What they would not see is the struggle behind the scenes.  Thinking I am a fraud, asking myself who am I to make a difference and hiding out.  Ross was with me every step of the way. Ross equipped me with the tools to learn to love myself, to powerfully erase self doubt and move from the "idea" of me being someone who impacts others to the vibrant unstoppable Stephen that is in the spotlight featured in mainstream media empowering people and making a difference.  Thank you Ross!  I highly recommend Ross to all my friends, family and clients.

Dr. Stephen de Wit DHS, MPH, ACS


" . . . he truly makes miracles happen for families . . . "



Ross Gordon is a powerful, effective, loving and compassionate man who has an extraordinary ability to listen to people and provide them with the perfect coaching for their situation.  Over the last four years, Ross has coached me on matters concerning two of my children.


Four years ago my daughter texted me that she did not want me to be her mother anymore. It was a devastating text to receive and I called Ross for coaching. He was able to have me calm down, create love for myself and for my daughter. His commitment to our relationship had him keep reaching out to me over the months and asking how it was going. There were many times when he coached me through my stories and judgements about my daughter so that today she and I have a very close, loving relationship. The mean, petty and cruel behaviour on both sides has disappeared. She is now 23 years old.


Just over a year ago one of my son’s was going through a very difficult break up with his girlfriend who was abusive and stalking him. I was  extremely frightened and worried for my son’s safety.  Ross was able to calm me down and get freed up so that I could offer my son the support he needed without being a frantic, terrified, overprotective mom. I was able to let go and trust that my 25 year old son could handle his life and take the actions he needed to take to be safe. Ross kept in touch with me, reaching out every month or two and providing me with exactly what I needed to be happy and free with the situation.  Through this experience, I learned to not try to fix things for my son, but to give him the encouragement, love and acknowledgement he needed to move on in his life.


I am so grateful to Ross for this and he truly makes miracles happen for families with his kind, caring and relaxed approach. I highly recommend Ross as a life coach.


Patti Ann Trainor


"Ross quickly gets me back to a centered place and feeling great about myself."


Ongoing coaching from Ross helped me regain power in many areas of my life as I go through the challenges of running a business and being a mom.  When new challenges present themselves, my leadership can falter.  I doubt myself, not sure of the "right" thing to do, and I can become fearful of taking action if I let myself stay too long in the "what if's".

Coaching from Ross quickly gets me back to a centered place and feeling great about myself.  From that place, it becomes easier to just take on the leadership role with gusto instead of dread.  The challenges become more of an adventure than an insurmountable problem.  Even if things might not be perfect and there are hiccups along the way, I see myself as someone who is awesome, capable, joyful and able to lead the people around me through whatever the challenges are. 

Laura-Jean Bernhardson


"He's helped me get back to my normal, cheery self."


There came a point in my life a little over a year ago when I was experiencing some challenging struggles - I was depressed, unmotivated, resentful and lonely. And although I knew logically that I just need to "snap out of it," I simply couldn't, and I suffered silently for months. When I started working with Ross, he simply listened. He listened with compassion and love, and without judgement or blame. As a coach, he gently guided me into a place where I could experience my own value, and come to know what I can contribute to the lives of others. He's helped me get back to my normal, cheery self. Since then, he's been there to coach me through all the everyday challenges in life, from taking an action that I've been procrastinating on, to preparing for a difficult conversation with someone in my life. It's been so much easier to do it with his guidance. I think back to that time when my world felt dark, and I'm so grateful that Ross was there to help me through it. I couldn't have gotten here without him.


Mina Yun


"I was able to let go of feelings of unworthiness . . . "

Ross has coached me on a few occasions and each time gives my situation a new perspective. Ross listens attentively and makes me feel that what I have to say matters. He has a way of showing me different ways of approaching a situation and supports me with every step. I once went into a relationship with low self-esteem and ended it with confidence knowing that I had value. I saw new openings around my confidence and not doubting myself that I didn't have before I met with Ross. Over a few months, I actually went from being in an unhealthy relationship to meeting my future husband. I was able to let go of feelings of unworthiness and re-create myself as deserving and having an amazing relationship.

Ross is great! He listens, he acknowledges and he provides a loving, supportive space that allows me to see things from different angles. Ross also has a special way of making me feel like I am the most important person on earth and that feeling builds a confidence that allows  me to go out and be brave in my life.


L. Bateman



"I blossomed . . .  to an open, confident and fun individual . . . "


My training with Ross Gordon has been absolutely transformational for my life. He is simply an amazing life coach.
I can’t thank him enough for the safe, loving space he provided me in his generous listening and support and for always being a stand for my greatness.
I’ve felt comfortable and safe to address any area of my life with Ross. He has great ability to quickly get me present to what’s stopping me from being who I want to be and to create simple and powerful steps in getting there.
As a result I blossomed from being a shy, insecure and overly serious person to an open, confident and fun individual who is now easily turning “I can’t” into “Yes, I can” and “waiting” into “action”. I saw that my way of being is up to me, and that it’s not about finding myself or love and happiness, it’s about creating it “now”.
I’ve learned that the less I am in my head worrying, reasoning and trying to be perfect, the more I get to be present to the reality and joy of life. This has positively impacted my health, my family and other relationships, and my effectiveness and productivity.
Ross has coached me successfully to be myself - loving, trusting, powerful and happy with any people and in any circumstances, and, what I thought impossible, to have fun with my life.  Now, I am celebrating my mistakes and I am more patient and playful.
Ross is a great coach with a big heart, passionately yet humbly committed to people and them having a great life.
What an inspiration and what a difference in this world he’s been making!


Liliana Pavlovic




"Ross taught me to love myself generously . . . "


I wanted to say thank you so much for new peace that I experience about myself.  Two major things that I got from our coaching sessions are ability to drive on highways at night, and loving who I was a a teen.
I used to think that I am a nice person now, however I was a bad teenager, and I didn't want people to know that. So, I would do anything possible to be 'nice'.  Ross enrolled me to love myself generously, even the teenager me.  I honestly can not believe, I am now in a space that I can take myself lightly, even joke about those "shameful" years.  The freedom that provides me is priceless.  And the funny thing is, I can be true to myself now, rather than being "nice".

In one line, Ross gave me wings.  I was stopped by so many things, even things that I thought were just the way things were—for good. Through his gentle but powerful coaching techniques, I am a new woman, with a voice, new confidence, ready to make a difference for the people around me.  Before Ross started coaching me, I was trying to get by, had good and bad days, but just spent a lot of time concerned with myself.  Now, I can actually hear my children, get my husband’s world and his concerns, and be able to make a difference in the world.  Hmmm, what lives should I touch first…..!


Andrea Markusich